19. Sep, 2018

5 Days Of War Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p

5 Days Of War Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

A drama set centered around the war between Russia and Georgia, and focused on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who become caught in the crossfire.

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original title: 5 Days of War

genge: Action,Drama,War

imdb: 8.8

duration: 1h 53min

tags: Their only weapon is the truth.

budget: $20,000,000

keywords: cameraman, journalist, southossetia, epicbattle, streetshootout, openingactionscene, carchase, shotinthehead, handgrenade, pressconference, ciaagent, subjectivecamera, shotgun, evacuation, gatlinggun,

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A drama set centered around the war between Russia and Georgia, and focused on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who become caught in the crossfire. Here are the List of Headlines of the Reviews that gave to this Movie 1 out of 10. All of them blame the movie that it is not historically correct and they know what happened there in fact. Blaming EU and USA in several Genocides and spreading wrong information about Russians.

Here are Headlines:

This film had to have been financed by the CIA... This film is NOT based on a true story... Not whatsoever... Propaganda... Just plain awful!... An overall watchable war movie although historically inaccurate... Watch if you want to puke... Worst movie of the year!... Thankfully I didn't waste money on this!..., Bring back Rambo!... Propaganda... A movie that "Joseph Goebbels" would have like... The 8 minute movie... Weapon of War against the Truth... awful movie... shameless anti-Russia pro-Saakashvili propaganda tool... This movie is kinda stupid in every way....

I believe that every movie is some kind of propaganda, especially when it is a historical movie as history is never correct. I wonder if there are same kind of Reviews to the movies such as Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan or Katyn. There where some reviews giving 1 out of 10 and blaming the movie is propaganda even before the first premiere of the movie. Doesn't it sound strange already? I'm writing to respond to the many reviews that have labeled this movie as propaganda. The movie is about events as they unfolded on the ground and what it is actually like to be on the ground during an invasion. Not the most well scripted movie I've seen, but the action was riveting and the feel of a war zone was authentic.

Apparently some of the reviewers believe that if they were on the ground watching their community being destroyed they would be much more calm and fair in dispensing blame. I'm going to guess that they are all Americans because they think that war is a battle of good vs. evil and that there are legitimate reasons to drop bombs on civilian population centers!!! (BTW- I'm an American too) DROPPING BOMBS ON CIVILIANS IS A WAR CRIME!!! Not only do people die, but communities are destroyed, children are orphaned and in these conditions hatred breeds like wildfire. The men in aircrafts dropping bombs on a foreign population of civilians are ALWAYS the bad guys.

None of the reviews that I read discussed the cause of the conflict in any meaningful way. I myself have not researched the origins of the conflict in depth, but I can tell several things right off the bat. First of all I don't doubt that some Georgians were violent towards Russians. When you consider the fact that the Soviet Union imposed a police state on the Georgians for over 50 years its not surprizing that the Georgians would want to chase the heartless foreigners from their country. Have you ever heard first hand accounts of what it was like to live under the police state of the Soviet Union. It was brutal. The terrorism was constant for over 50 years. They had informants in every aspect of the society that they were occupying (from Estonia to Hungary to Georgia) and they monitored peoples' political leanings and dissent was not tolerated. People disappeared on a regular basis. Terrorism. Try to imagine what it was like to live under that kind of blatant and brutal oppression for more than 2 generations before you comment judge the Georgians for whatever crimes they committed against Russians citizens in Ossentia. Its not surprizing to me that the Georgian people would want to kill the men who once managed the police state and probably got rich doing it.

As an example that even an American may understand, lets consider the last time that our country was invaded by foreign troops - late 18th century. Did you know that the minutemen of Massachusetts were brutal in their treatment of the sympathizers of the British crown - known as Tories? It became commonplace for the minutemen to publicly tar-and- feather a supporter of the British crown and then to burn their house down. Not to mention the corporate vandalism that destroyed great chunks of British corporate wealth ... most notably, the Boston Tea Party. Given that fact (and that many Tories were murdered outright) does anyone today feel that the British were justified in invading a foreign land of people who had decided to claim independence? If the British had the kind of air support that the Russians have, we'd very likely still be a British colony today. The idea that the Russians had the right to use overwhelming military force defend the safety of Russian citizens in a foreign country is blatantly fascist.

Another thing that I can tell you is that the Georgians have significant oil deposits and they were in the process of opening their oil to western markets ... if you want to discern the true reason for any war one should follow the economic implications and most of the time that will lead you straight to the actual cause of the war.

In summary, "5 days War" may not be an in depth and balanced account of all of the factors that led to the conflict but it will serve to humanize the true cost of war. And the use of foreign journalists to tell the story is the most logical way to tell such a story because in the real world that is the only way we can ever understand what is actually happening in such a conflict. Military officials coldly refer to their mass murder as "collateral damage" and any modern military WILL always underestimate their numbers which is why we should pay attention to what journalists tell us about such brutal crimes against humanity. Taking the vantage point of civilians rather than combatants allows 5 Days of War to show the toll of the terror and of the relentless, exhausting pursuit of war with unexpected force. Had it rejected the genre's romantic trappings and false heroics more consistently, the movie might've been worth the ride.


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